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Auto Electronic Diagnostics in Alachua, FL

The pesky check engine light: Why does it come on? Why does it disappear and then come back on?

Today’s vehicles have as many as 50 different computer systems. Now days, in order to figure out why the light is coming on, you must be able to communicate with the onboard computers of your vehicle which involves the use of sophisticated scan equipment, commonly referred to as scan tools. At Transmission Doctor and Auto Care we have the latest in scan technology available. Not only can we tell you why the check engine light is coming on, but we can see live data which helps our technicians get to the root of the problem.

Automotive electronics have gotten unbelievably complicated in the last twenty years. Our experienced technicians can look at and interpret live data to assist in diagnosing any electrical issues that your vehicle may be exhibiting.

The check engine light may sometimes turn off by itself because some electrical problems are classified as intermittent, meaning they come and go sometimes depending on temperature, vehicle speed, vibrations, etc. These can be the hardest electrical issues to diagnose. At Transmission Doctor and Auto care we have gained enough experience over our 30 years of business in diagnosing these types of issues to get to the root of the problem efficiently.

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