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Prepping Your Car For Safe Travels This Holiday Season

Man and Boy putting tree on car | Transmission Doctor and Auto Care

Whether you’re headed out on a long trip to grandma’s house or you’re planning on staying local for the holidays, prepping your vehicle for safe travels is something that shouldn’t be placed on the backburner.

Here are 4 ways to ensure that your vehicle is 100% ready to hit the road:

Address any known problems

If you have any significant leaks or dashboard lights on it is crucial to address this before your travel. Bring your car into your local shop and have them identify the issue.

Assess your tires

If your tires aren’t 100% ready for the road, you might not make it 100% of your trip. Check the condition of your tires. We are looking for dry rotting, which is indicated by cracks in the rubber. Look at tread depth and ensure your tires don’t need to be replaced. Check your tire pressure. Reference your owners manual for proper tire pressure.. If you think you need new tires or have a possible air leak, bring your vehicle to your local, trusted automotive shop to be checked out.

Check fluid levels

Check and top off all of your vehicle’s fluid levels. This includes oil, antifreeze, brake, and power steering fluid. Keeping your vehicle’s fluids at the proper levels keeps your vehicle running smoothly and promotes longevity.

Ensure you have the proper equipment if you’re headed to the snow

We definitely won’t be seeing snow here in Florida, but if you’re driving to the mountains this holiday season it is good to have a few things on hand.

  • Ice Scraper
  • Chains for tires
  • Jumper Cables

BONUS TIP: Pack a few snacks, water, and an extra blanket because we all know someone is bound to be hungry or cold.

Transmission Doctor and Auto Care is here to ensure you have safe travels this holiday season. If you are located in North Central Florida, we would love to service your car and check that it is 100% ready for you and your family to hit the road and enjoy this holiday season. Contact us here or come by our shop for any last minute services. We are here to help.

Wishing you all a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season.

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