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The Importance of Maintaining a Good Brake System


The Importance of Maintaining a Good Brake System


The proper function of your vehicle’s brakes can mean life or death. Brakes are one of the most important components in maintaining in your safety behind the wheel. Brakes provide the capability to stop your car in a matter of seconds, often times preventing accidents.

The brake system on a vehicle is designed to decrease the speed of a vehicle using kinetic friction when the vehicle is in motion and keep the vehicle from rolling when stopped using static friction. This frictions causes heat and must be dispersed properly by the brake system into the air. The brake system uses fiction for overall control of the vehicle.

To keep your brakes in top condition, have a technician give them an overview at your regularly scheduled oil change. Proper maintenance on your brake system would include checking the brake pads and rotors, flushing the brake fluid, bleeding the brake lines, and replacing or upgrading brake parts when needed. Caring for your brake system and being aware of what factors can lead to deterioration is important as a vehicle owner. Things like carrying too much weight or unnecessary/ heavy braking can contribute to faster deterioration of your brakes and you should try to avoid them.


- Brake pads and rotors require the most frequent maintenance as they deteriorate more easily. The friction between the brake pad and the rotor causes heat which contributes to this wear.

- Brake fluid is extremely important as it is the messenger between the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal to the vehicles braking system. This fluid should be checked and changed every 25,000 miles.

- Bleeding the brake line removes excess air from the line to improve efficiency of the system overall.

- Upgrading and replacing brake parts as needed improves the longevity and performance of your vehicle’s brake system, ensuring your safety.


How do I know if I need new brakes?

Good question. There are a few signs that may indicate your brakes need to be checked out and maybe even replaced. Squealing or screeching noises can be indicators of failing brakes. In addition, having to depress the brake pedal further than normal or smelling a burnt odor when the brakes are applied. If your car tends to pull to one side when applying the brakes, this could also be a sign of brake wear.

Why is all of this information so important?

As mentioned previously, dependence on the function of your brake system could mean life or death. If your brakes do not work when applied, there is a serious issue and you have lost control of your vehicle. Imagine not being able to slow down or stop when you wanted to. So much damage could arise from this, including death.

Maintaining a high functioning brake system allows you to be confident in your brake system’s reliability and dependability. Keeping up with proper maintenance also allows you to prevent expensive and major repairs, which may occur if maintenance is pushed to the side time and time again.

Transmission Doctor and Auto Care just wants you to know that, as one of our customers, we value your safety more than anything. Brakes are just one of those things that you can’t glaze over and skip. It could be your life or someone else’s if you lose control of your vehicle. If you think you are in need of a brake check or replacement and are located in North Central Florida, we would love to help!

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